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A little about Brandee:

I am lucky to say that I am in love with and happily married to my high school sweetheart!  We are coming up on being together for 21 years, which is shocking to me as we had our own Romeo & Juliet story going on back then…….hmmmmm, sounds like a good story.
Together we have two great boys (13 soon & 10) who are very active in all sorts of activities and always keep us on the go.  I am addicted to reading and try to squeeze in any spare chance I get to read – even if it is for 2 minutes here and there. BUT be warned….do not interrupt me when I am at the end of a book – it is like pausing a movie at the end and waiting for hours or more to be able to un-pause it.
During the day, I spend my time as a paralegal at a law firm that I have worked for close to 17 years now. The rest of my day I spend helping with homework, playing mom’s taxi, rushing around between school functions and depending on the season being my kids BIGGEST fan watching them play baseball, football, basketball and Cub Scout activities.
When we are able to find any downtime, which is unfortunately not that often, I love to spend time with my family and friends, and to travel to new places.  I also love to play poker and may occasionally choose to do so over reading a book given the opportunity J.  My other love is photography and then scrapbooking to preserve the memories and by telling stories with the pictures I take.
When I was in school when I was younger, I was a BIG reader.  Then in high school my serious boyfriend came along, and I had stopped reading and spent all my extra time with him.  Then came college and then that same boyfriend became my husband and then came the kids, so my reading had taken a back shelf for about 16 years.
A couple of years ago, I went on a vacation, grabbed a book and got sucked in all over again and now you can’t stop me!  Before my husband gave me a Nook for my birthday a couple years ago, I was constantly at the library picking up new books.  Now, I am hooked to my Nook Tablet and my kindle app on my iphone.  I guess I do have to say a huge thank you to my husband for buying me that Nook (can you believe when he gave it to me I was actually disappointed – I liked reading from a “Real” book in my hands).  Anyway, it was with me getting a Nook that I found my new reading addiction. Barnes and Noble had free books and I discovered Self-published Author, Nicky Charles, and her books (The Mating and The Keeping) were FREE and were highly rated on Goodreads – so why not give The Mating a try!  Well, that put everything into motion for me, I became friends with Nicky on Goodreads and then was following her reviews and who did I find next but another self-published Author, S.C. Stephens (who also had her books for FREE on another site).  The rest is history and I became a BIG fan of Indie Authors, of course, in addition to published Authors.
I am amazed at how many great relationships I have formed in the past couple years, just bonding over books.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why I did not read a book for SIXTEEN YEARS!!!!  Even though life is extremely busy for me and my family, with working, the kids with school, sports, social events, etc., I try to find any spare time I can to read.  You CAN do it too…..a few minutes here and there all adds up (I know everyone is busy; however, most of us have at least a few minutes we spend on social media and electronics including Facebook, Pinterest, playing games, watching TV, working out (I know a lot of people that will read while on treadmill, elliptical, etc.).  I have found reading to be a huge stress reliever for me (I am not saying that all the books I read don’t stress me out – because things are not happening the way I want them to…BUT) and can’t wait to escape from the reality of my daily routines and general stresses, if even for a little while.
Among my friends, family, co-workers and even acquaintances I am their own walking book recommendation girl or as one specific friend calls me “her book bitch” – I am thinking of switching the name – LOL.  You would not believe how many emails, texts, and conversations I would have on a daily basis asking me what to read next.  I have to admit it is really awesome for me to hear people’s reactions to a recommendation for a book.
So here I am now, running Brandee’s Book Endings and trying to make it into everything I have ever wanted and looked for in the last several years as a reader (even though it has changed directions a lot already).  I have lots and lots of ideas BUT so little time.  I WILL get there some day and hopefully you will be there along the way with me!
I love to hear from my followers – what your reading – what you think about a book I recommended to you, and just about everything book and author related!

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