Review & Giveaway: Solid Ground (Kentucky Moon – Volume 1) by Cris Coursey

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Author: Cris Coursey

Kentucky Moon – Volume 1 – Solid Ground

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Lily was alone and out of options. Creed was alone in the world with a secret. They find each other, but can they learn to trust? They had both followed rocky paths in their lives, but could they find solid ground with each other?
A supernatural love story. First of the Kentucky Moon Series.
Solid Ground is part of the series Kentucky Moon.  It is about Creed, a Black werewolf who has been looked down on and used by his pack his entire life.   He finds Lily, who has a few secrets of her own, in the woods and brings her home.  Finding himself attached to her, he must find a way to tell the human girl his secret.  It is more of a romance as they find Solid Ground with each other, but the whole series is Dark Fantasy and very mature warning after the first book.


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Amanda’s Rating:  4 – I REALLY liked it (something definitely captured me)

Amanda’s Review:  

I am a big fan of paranormal books, especially with romance, so it’s no surprise this spiked my interest.
Lily considers herself an outsider to the world. She’s a mysterious young woman who keeps to herself, not letting anyone in to see the real her, including the reader. She’s strong and at times feisty, but overall she’s down to earth and enjoys the small things in life.
The reader first meets Lily as she sets off alone into the woods barricading herself from the public. It’s there, in the woods, she meets the older and handsome Creed. Creed offers Lily something she can’t refuse, bringing the two of them together and on an adventurous path of friendship, love, drama, mystery, and suspense.
“I remained calm on the outside, but on the inside I was bouncing off the walls. I mean, my heart seemed to pound harder and faster than usual. My mind kept drifting back to that kiss, then mentally slapping me, and my toes want to curl every time I glance at Creed.”
Creed has the southern charm and looks that can bring any woman to her knees. He too, is keeping something from Lily, but unlike Lily, he is willing to open himself up to her.
“Whether it was tonight or a year from now, she would be mine. Deep in my soul, I had already claimed this girl. Lily was mine, Lily had been mine since I’d found her. It didn’t matter what her past was, it only mattered that I was in her future.”
He carried me to his bedroom and I squealed. “Nothing, but sleeping though.” He winked. “My innocent heart just couldn’t take too much more excitement.”
This is a fast read and full of suspense that will keep you turning the pages for more. Cris does a great job keeping the reader guessing and intrigued with both Lily and Creed. We get to look into both Lily and Creed’s minds with dual point of views. While I did find the changing from POV interesting, I would have liked to be introduced to whose POV I was going into- rather than mid chapter it switching.
Some of the inner monologue is written in a way that I would speak, making it easy to relate with the characters. I loved watching both characters develop bringing the best out of each other. This is a well written story with good adventure and even humor. I found myself smiling and laughing out loud, as well as my heart pounding right along with Lily. I can’t wait to continue this series.
“Clenching my robe closed, I slowly turned to meet a pair of yellow-brown eyes staring at me out of the dark woods. The steady growls made the muscles of my stomach tighten and the inky darkness around me began to close in. Taking small, slow steps backward, my eyes never moved from the creatures’.”
**I received a copy from the author for an honest review.**

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