Book Recaps & Endings

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Did you ever read a book and then whether it is a few weeks later or years later………
  • you can’t remember how the book ended?
  • you can’t remember what the characters names are? and who is who?
  • or just get confused with even the minor details because you read so many books and start mixing up the books you read?
When this becomes a problem…..
  • Mainly for me, it is when a book to a series/sequel comes out and I start reading the new book and it takes me TOO LONG to catch up again and/or I have to go back to the previous book(s) and try to look up details about what I am forgetting.
  • My second biggest problem with this is when I want to recommend a book to someone and have to think back if it is actually appropriate to recommend to a specific person? (including a tween).
How my site is going to try to fix this problem for myself and my followers…..
  •  I am in the process of creating a summary of books including characters, events, ending, and when possible a quick checklist of whether there are any scenes in the book containing, Descriptive Sex Scenes, Violence/Gore, Abuse of children, Abuse of adult, Torture, Death, Drug Use (not including Alcohol and Smoking), Underage drinking, use of the “F” word.
  *WARNING*  This section “Book Recaps & Endings” contains spoilers for books — The ending to these books WILL be revealed on these pages!  If you are not looking for a recap and/or ending to a specific book – do not click on the link below, please return to the home page of this site. Please Note:  The purpose for this page is meant to refresh your memory on details of the book.  

Look on the Author’s Page to see a list of books under the heading “LINKS TO MY RECAPS & ENDINGS FOR THESE BOOKS” that are available – will be updated constantly.