Excerpt: Luke Young’s Friends Wanting Benefits ~ Prequel to Friends with Benefits Series (the one where Jillian and Victoria meet for the first time)

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Friends Wanting Benefits ~ Prequel to Friends with Benefits Series

(the one where Jillian and Victoria meet for the first time)

The next day Victoria and Ethan strolled down the top deck toward the fitness center. One deck below a band played Caribbean music and the sounds of the steel drums filled the air. Victoria spotted someone who looked like Jaclyn West sitting in a lounge chair wearing a one piece bathing suit and sunglasses. Grabbing Ethan’s hand, she led him toward the author.
“Hey, where are we going?”
“To have a word with that author woman.”
“Okay.” He rolled his eyes.
“Excuse me… Jaclyn,” Victoria said.
“Yes.” Jillian pulled her sunglasses off and gazed up to the tall blonde.
“I thought it was you.”
“It’s me.” She smiled. “Jaclyn is my pen name, you can call me Jillian.”
“Jillian, well, we tried out chapter five last night…” Victoria began with a frown, “… and I hate to say it, but it didn’t work.”
“Excuse me.” Jillian narrowed her eyes.
“It didn’t work.” Victoria nodded toward Ethan, frowning. “He couldn’t give me an orgasm that way.”
“Victoria…” Ethan widened his eyes, surprised.
“But he made up for it later.”
“Oh, good.” Jillian shook her head, a little taken aback. “You see, I try to deliver a good sexy story, but I really don’t promise orgasms.”
“I know—”
“I mean…” Jillian grinned. “If I could deliver those just from a read, wow, that would be something. I can’t imagine how many books I’d sell then.”
“What I’m trying to say is I have some ideas for you— for that scene.”
“Oh, okay, well, that’s nice of you, but I’m really not doing any writing while I’m on the cruise. I’m just signing books and relaxing.” Jillian shrugged.
“All right.” Victoria frowned, disappointed. “Sorry to have bothered you. Overall, I’m enjoying the book so far.”
“Okay, great.”
“Nice to meet you.” Victoria nodded, and the two stepped away.
“Wait.” Jillian called out. “Just out of curiosity, what book and what scene are you referring too?”
Victoria turned back and smiled. After whispering something in Ethan’s ear, he walked off and she turned back and plopped down in the lounge chair next to Jillian. “In Saving Chance when Doctor Ramirez discovers the nurse in his office going through his desk.”
“I remember that.”
“He sits on the chair and she gets on top of him, but she’s facing him, right?”
“Uh, yeah… I think,” Jillian replied, unsure.
“There’s really no clitoral or G-spot stimulation that way.”
“Well, if you had her facing the other way, then either Ramirez could drop his hand down to the magic button, or if the doctor is just too lazy, she could self-stimulate.” Victoria rolled her eyes. “And in that position there’s a much better chance he’d be hitting her G-spot.”
“Wow, I, uh, never thought about that.”
“I think it would give you a lot more detail to write about, you know. You spin her around and how his hands could wander from her breasts down to all her parts, up to her neck. I mean, the possibilities are pretty endless.”
“Yeah, I see where you’re going.” Jillian nodded along.
Victoria shrugged. “Facing the way you have them pretty much all you can do is wrap your arms around each other. All the fun parts are smushed together and pretty inaccessible if you know what I mean.”
Jillian giggled. “Maybe I should get you to write my sex scenes for me.”
“Oh, I’m not a writer.”
“What do you do?”
“Well…” Victoria’s mouth closed, and she narrowed her eyes. “You know, no one has asked me that in a long time. Um, well, I used to be a teacher, but after my husband died I—”
“Oh, I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be, I was depressed for a while there, but once I found out he was fucking my best friend I sorta got over it.”
“Wow, I—” Jillian looked around self-consciously.
“Don’t get me wrong, I forgave him…” she shrugged, “… sorta, but I decided to move on with my life. I really don’t have any bad feelings about him any longer. It’s weird, but I’ve somehow come to terms with all of it.”
“If you don’t mind my asking, is that your new boyfriend?”
“I wouldn’t call him a boyfriend, but we’re taking this cruise together.”
“How old is he?”
“And you’re…?”
“Oh.” Jillian pondered that a moment then asked, “When did your husband pass away?”
“Eighteen months ago. It was a brain tumor.” Victoria sighed. “I didn’t leave the house for a long time after that, and when I finally did, I still wasn’t living, you know… I lost touch with friends and didn’t want to meet anyone.”
Jillian began, hesitantly, “Is he the first man you’ve, um, seen since…?”
“I mean, you know, been intimate with…”
“No, about two months ago I started acting out a little, um, sexually…” Victoria frowned.
“Oh, well that’s to be expected after such a tragic loss. So, what’d you do, go on a couple blind dates and have some one night stands?
“Sorry, if this is getting too personal. You don’t have to answer.”
“No, it’s fine. I really haven’t spoken to anyone about it, and I think I’d like to get it off my chest.”
“Okay, sure.”
“I, uh, had sex with a, um, number of college freshmen… about…” covering her mouth, Victoria mumbled, “… Thirty.”
“Three?” Jillian narrowed her eyes, confused.
“Thirty.” Victoria shrugged, apologetically.
“Thirty.” Jillian’s eyes bugged out. “Wow, you were… Busy.”
“I interviewed them all first and made sure they were all virgins so, you know…”
“Interviewed them?” Jillian’s jaw fell open. “How’d you—”
“I pretended to be a sex researcher.”
“Okay, wow, that’s—”
“I didn’t have intercourse with all of them.”
“This is—” Jillian shimmied uncomfortably in her chaise.
“I started with hand jobs in movie theaters then I got a little carried away.”
“I can imagine.” The famous author looked away seemingly torn between intrigue and horror.
Victoria sighed. “You see, I was sorta doing it to honor my husband’s memory.”
Jillian turned slowly toward her confessor and asked, “How exactly do hand jobs in movie theaters honor his memory?”
“Well, he was this nerdy guy before I met him and he had a random encounter with an older woman in an empty movie theater and he told me about it. He said it changed his life… Told me he probably never would’ve had the courage to ask me out if that hadn’t happened to him.”
“Okay, yeah. I can see how that would—”
“I wanted to give something back to the lonely young men out there.”
“Huh.” Jillian made a face. “You do hear about people giving back, but, um, this is a pretty unique way to do it.”
“Yeah, I thought so.” Victoria shrugged.
“Well, I’ll bet they appreciated it.” Jillian held back a chuckle.
“Believe me they did.” Victoria scoffed. “That’s actually how I met Ethan. He was one of them, except he only pretended to be eighteen and a virgin.”
“He lied to you?”
“He did.” Frowning, she nodded. “And I was really, really upset about it all, but then he sorta saved me from getting raped by these four college guys.”
“Seriously?” Jillian’s eyes widened.
“Yeah and right after that was when I found out my husband was sleeping with my best friend. That was a rough couple days.”
“Sounds like it.”
Victoria added matter-of-factly, “Oh, and it turns out Ethan had sex with her too.”
“With who?” Jillian asked, appearing like her head was about to spin off into the ocean.
“My friend.”
“Wait, Ethan and your husband both had sex with your friend?”
“At the same time?”
“No.” Victoria looked at her like she was nuts. “Not at the same time.”
“I’m so confused right now. How did Ethan meet her?”
“Well, she’s a realtor, and she was trying to sell my house. You see I had left town to get away from… and he… he was trying to find me, and I guess one thing led to another.”
Jillian let out a long, slow breath and shook her head. “Wow, that’s some story.”
“Yeah…” Victoria gazed out to the ocean and closed her eyes.
“Sounds like you have a book or two in you.”
“What?” Victoria turned to her.
“You should write a book.”
“No.” She frowned. “I’m not a writer.”
“You should try.” Jillian put her hand on Victoria’s arm. “Do you have any other suggestions for my book?”
“I’m a total bitch, aren’t I?” Victoria chuckled. “Here I am telling you how to improve your book. Ugh, sorry, I sometimes I say things without—”
“No, no, it’s fine.” Jillian scoffed. “To be honest with you, I was never happy with that chapter anyway.” Leaning close to her she whispered, “Actually I think that whole book is a piece of crap.”
“No.” Victoria shook her head. “It’s good. Some of the scenes were really hot… Like the first chapter.”
“So, you’re married, right?”
“Yes, my husband, George, is down in the casino.”
“So that’s how you come up with all that. You guys must be experimenting a lot in the bedroom.”
“I wish,” Jillian grumbled. “Let’s just say I have an active imagination.”
“Believe me I know how marriage can slow down a sex life.”
“Yeah, slow is okay, but I think I’d settle for slow.” Frowning, Jillian rolled her eyes.
“Can I ask you a personal question?” Victoria leaned closer to her.
“So, this is our third day on the ship right?”
“So, how many times have you guys done it since we’ve been onboard?”
“We haven’t.”
“You haven’t!” Victoria paused a moment. “Well, this month then… How many times?”
Jillian exhaled. “Let’s back that up to this year. Um, then I could give you a number.”
“Oh, shit. Really?
“Yeah, oh shit.” She narrowed her eyes, thinking then her face sunk and she replied sheepishly, “I think, just twice this year.”
Victoria scoffed. “I did it twice this morning.” Placing her hand on Jillian’s arm, she cringed. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to—”
“Don’t be sorry. I know there are people out there living exciting, fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.”
“Maybe, you just need a spark. It’s very romantic on the ship.” Victoria flashed her a sexy smile. “It’s always rocking and a bar is always open. That’s a sexy combination. Maybe you get a bottle of champagne, go dancing and one thing could lead to another.”
“He doesn’t dance and I’m having a hard time tearing him away from the casino.”
“Well, maybe you just need to surprise him.”
“Have you guys been to the fitness center together?”
“Do you think you could get him to go? Maybe get him to the steam room.”
“Well, I’m about to…” Victoria looked around then whispered, “I’m about to meet up with Ethan in the steam room in the men’s locker room.”
“In the men’s locker room?” Jillian’s eyes widened. “It’s the middle of the day. Won’t you get caught?”
“Doubtful.” She rolled her eyes. “Everyone’s too busy stuffing their faces to work out onboard. The place is pretty much empty. Yesterday, we did it in the sauna.” Victoria frowned. “I don’t recommend that… It’s too hot.”
“Wow.” Jillian nodded gazing out to the ocean, seemingly pondering the possibilities.
“We’re going to try the steam room today.”
“But what if someone walks in while you’re in the middle of all of it?”
Pointing to her gym bag, Victoria smiled. “I have this long robe with a hood. In an emergency I can just slip it on, lift the hood over my head, and I’ll just look like Rocky Balboa making his way out of the locker room.”
“Yeah, some guy having sex with another guy.”
“No…” Victoria shook her head, “… it’s pretty dark in the sauna and foggy in that steam room, so we figure we’d get plenty of warning before someone caught us. Plus it’s exciting.”
“Sounds like it.” Jillian wore a naughty smile.
“Hell, maybe I’ll keep the robe on if it’s not too hot.” She flashed her a sexy grin. “And really, what are they going to do if we’re caught… Throw us off the ship?”
“No, I guess not.” Jillian shrugged.
“Besides, we were in there almost a half hour yesterday and not one person came into the locker room the whole time.” Victoria closed her eyes a moment and shivered. “All this sex talk has made me a little… Worked up.” She turned slowly to Jillian and they shared a laugh.
“Yeah…” Jillian muttered.
“Well, I’d better go.” Victoria rose to her feet. “We were going to lift weights for a few minutes first. I love when he’s all pumped up. I guess I’ll skip that and go right to real work out.”
“Have fun.” Jillian held back a chuckle.
“Oh, we will.”
“Hey, let me know if the steam room is better than the sauna. Maybe I’ll put that in my next book.”
“You got it.”