Featured Authors of the Week – The Pretty Little Writers (Melissa Brown, Maggi Myers & Andrea Randall) 1/20-1/26

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All this week I will be featuring 3 Wonderful ladies, that I will call “The Pretty Little Writers” (Melissa Brown, Maggi Myers & Andrea Randall).  I will be posting different information about ALL 3 LADIES and their books this week.  They have all provided me with some really great things to share with you! 

Keep checking my website and my Facebook Page at least daily this week for more great things about “The Pretty Little Writers” and their books!

Also make sure you check out my Author Pages for each of the ladies – Melissa Brown Click Here, Maggi Myers Click Here and Andrea Randall Click Here on my website for more information including book details, ratings and reviews, future releases, and much more (and in case you miss other posts this week – links to those too)!


So, let me start off by introducing “The Pretty Little Writers”

(Melissa, Maggi & Andrea)

Again, I am able to start on a little personal note, I was fortunate enough to also meet both Melissa and Andrea in Chicago!  Unfortunately, although Maggi was there too, I did not meet her (yet), I look forward to that happening in Boston!  

Melissa was one of the organizers of the TFEIC Event. While I was anxiously awaiting the TFEIC I noticed that she had  released her first book “Bouquet Toss” so I had made up a page in my scrapbook for her to sign figuring I might see here there.  I will always remember the surprise on her face and the genuine appreciate she had for me asking her to sign my scrapbook.  

While I attended the Meet and Greet, I was able to talk to Andrea a little bit about her book that she had just released….I had already marked it as to read, so it was definitely one of those pleasant surprises to meet her and have her sign in my scrapbook also.  I also wanted to let you know that Andrea is also giving back…….This month she is donating 25% of her sales to Veteran’s For Peace Chapter 41.  More info can be found on andrearandall.com.


ABOUT MELISSA (taken from Melissa’s website):

I am a writer and stay-at-home Mom living in the Chicago suburbs with my husband and two young children.  I love books—everything about them. I love reading them, being surrounded by them in bookstores and libraries, and most recently, writing some of my own.

“Bouquet Toss” is available as an e-book and in paperback. It is a story that is very close to my heart, one that was very cathartic to write and has opened me up to all sorts of writing possibilities. I truly hope you will enjoy it.

“Champagne Toast” was just released – It is the follow-up to “Bouquet Toss”.

I also love to bake.  Cake truffles, cupcakes, homemade fudge and bark, cookies and whoopie pies are some of my favorites to make.  I enjoy making creative gifts for friends, family and my kids’ teachers.  I’m excited to share my baking adventures with you.

And finally, I must admit, I am wild for actor Henry Cavill.  He makes me swoon like no other celebrity can.  I love reading his interviews and admiring him in photos.  I can’t wait for Man of Steel to open on my birthday next summer!

AUTHOR’S CONTACT INFO: Website, Facebook & Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter, Email: AuthorMelissaBrown@yahoo.com, and Authorgraph

  Bouquet Toss love of my life champagne toast melissa brown


ABOUT MAGGI (taken from Maggi’s website):

The Magnolia Story

Magnolia, that’s me! My given name is actually Maggi. When I was a baby my wonderful and wise Gran baptized me “Magnolia Blossom” in her kitchen sink. She didn’t take too kindly to the fact that my heathen parents skipped over my christening, endangering my mortal soul. So moving forward from the day of my re-birth, Magnolia became my nickname. Ta-da!

I was born in West Des Moines, Iowa and raised in Miami, Florida. I now reside in Greensboro, North Carolina but have lived in Colorado, Wyoming and Texas. My family is in Iowa and I love to visit there. Yes, I said I love to visit Iowa. Why are you staring?

I strive to be a wallflower and lead the most vanilla life possible. So far, that hasn’t worked out well for me. I have quite a bit of ornery in me and as hard as I try not to cause trouble, I do. I appear rather unassuming and non-threatening which works to my advantage when the s**t hits the fan. “It was her? No way, she looks so sweet!” I have a innocent face and a devious side; troublesome combination. This past year, I decided to put some of that ornery to good use; I started writing a book. I began writing as a child and much to my parents chagrin, wrote about the dark and heavy bits of life. I got away from writing when I became the parent of 2 special needs children, thinking that I didn’t have time anymore and my “hobby” had run it’s course. Beginning again, I can’t believe I ever gave it up. Here within these pages is the journey to being published. Pull up a chair and stay for a while.

AUTHOR’S CONTACT INFO:  WebsiteFacebook & GoodreadsAmazonTwitterAuthorgraph, Email:  maggimyers@gmail.com

  the final piece maggi myers  

ABOUT ANDREA (taken from Andrea’s website):

I enjoy writing because the characters have stories that need telling. Words are beautiful; a single word can make or break a day.

I want to mix real life with healthy fantasy that people can escape into, but still feel connected to; like at any minute this could be happening to them. That’s my ultimate goal.



AUTHOR’S CONTACT INFO:  WebsiteFacebookGoodreadsAmazonTwitter, & Authorgraph


25% of Andrea’s sales in January are going to Veteran’s For Peace Chapter 41.


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