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Title: Take Me for Granted

Author: K.A. Linde

Release Date: April 29, 2014

Manwhore. Adrenaline junkie. Lead singer of ContraBand. What you see is what you get. I make no apologies for my actions, and by now no one expects any from me. I live my life the way I want and as long as it pushes the demons back, then I’m solid. I’ve never needed a chick for more than a good lay. Why would I need just one when I can have a different one every night?
Until she walks into my world.
Mouthy. Perfectionist. Princeton student. Chemistry major. Yes, that pretty much describes me. Oh, and virgin. But I’m only nineteen, and have more important things to concern myself with. What really matters is finishing my degree and getting a good job. I’ve worked hard for what I want, and do what’s expected of me. I don’t need anyone to get in my way.
Until he opens up my world.
But if I give you my world, whatever you do…don’t TAKE ME for granted.  

4.5 Rockin’ Stars
I really enjoyed this book.  It was a quick read with witty banter, which made me smile, rock bands (which I have a thing for), a little bit of angst and drama to keep you reading, and just enough steam to spice things up!  Loved the characters and can’t wait to see more of them in future books.
Grant – Hot lead singer of ContraBand – his history….you guessed it, a Manwhore (it does say it in the blurb, so we are not surprised by this), but don’t we expect our rockers to have that quality somewhat?  Then in walks Aribel, the perfect student, lives life safely, and my favorite, a sassy mouth & eat sh*t attitude – which I loved (and yes, she is a virgin, but she is only 19 … so hello – this could be totally realistic people).
Anyway, you definitely get the chemistry between these two polar opposites and K.A. Linde has a way of making you fall for both of them and cheer them on.
Again, the blurb also tells you that Grant has demons – which you will find out about, and how he copes with them.  Is Grant more than just a playboy rocker? I like to think so……..
Is Aribel just what he needs to make him forget?  Will Aribel stop denying the pull she has to him and learn to live a little?  Pick up this book and find out!
One thing I want to add on a personal note because I know we see this a lot in our books and many complain about it, probably because they don’t believe it, BUT…. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the troubled bad-boy manwhore changing when they find the one girl worth changing for…. I do not believe it is something that only happens in our books…. I think it is something I have seen again and again in life experiences.  People can change… if they really want to.  Ok, rant over.
I did not realize when I started this book that it is the first of a series, however, while the ending left me wanting more, it was not necessarily a cliff-hanger.  So, no worries all!  I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series!
So, you won’t let me in then?” He hovered mere inches away from me.
“I’m not sure how many more times I have to tell you that you can’t come inside,” I said irritably.
A smile crossed his face, the same one that had done me in the last time we’d been together. I could feel the tension crackling between us, like a struck match or a zap of static.
“Fine,” he said.
Then, he grabbed me around the waist, yanked me outside, and dropped his mouth down onto mine hungrily. I lost myself in his lips. His hands ducked under my sweater, and his fingers dug into my soft flesh beneath. And without even realizing it, I was grasping his T-shirt for dear life and feeling the cold metal of his dog tags in my hands.
Holy shit! I’d never been kissed like this before. My whole body was on fire, and his lips were just fueling the flame. Burning desire snaked through me, starting in my fingertips, scorching through my chest, and settling in my core.
Grant walked me backward into my apartment and slammed the door shut. My back hit the wall, but our lips never broke apart. His hands ventured up my shirt, and I stopped breathing as he trailed his fingers lightly along my ribs. He skimmed the underside of my breast, and a groan escaped my lips. I squirmed against him, wanting what he was offering and silently freaking the fuck out.

K.A. Linde graduated with her Masters in political science from the University of Georgia in 2012. She also has a bachelors in political science and philosophy. She wrote her the Avoiding Series while struggling through advanced statistical modeling and writing her thesis. She enjoys dancing and writing novels that keep you guessing until the very end.
She currently resides in Georgia with her boyfriend and two puppies, Lucy and Riker.
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