Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia – Book Detail Checklist

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The general checklist below might make recommendations of and/or choosing of books for yourself a great tool. This could be used for deciding if a book is for you, letting your child read a book, or just for recommendation purposes in general (this WOULD NOT contain specific info. just an X if it applies).  
Name of Author & Book: Poughkeepsie, Debra Anastasia
Sex in Book:
  not described too graphically
Actual Description of Sex and/or Foreplay
Touching of Anatomy
Sex was implied but not described
 yes, but not described in gruesome detail
Abuse of Child
Sexually abused and/or rape
 hinted at
Abuse of Adult
 almost, but not fully
Death (Died naturally (not murdered)
Drug Use (not including alcohol & smoking)
Underage drinking
Language – use of the “F” word
 very crass
Reference to existence of Santa, Tooth Fairy, etc.: (This is for younger reader books)
Special Notes:
Checklist Completed by: Marielle