Champagne Toast by Melissa Brown – Our Book Ratings

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Our Rating Scale:

  0 – Could not finish book

  1 – Did not like it

  2 – It was ok – not my thing

  3 – I liked it

  4 – I REALLY liked it (something definitely captured me)

  5 – I LOVED  it (did not want to put it down, could not stop thinking about it)

10- On my personal TOP 20 FAVORITE books

Name of Author/Book: Melissa Brown/Champagne Toast
Rated By: Brandee
My Rating:  4.5
Made me laugh  smiled yes
Made me cry  X
I loved or hated the characters  (like the author wanted me to)  X
Enjoyed the “love scenes”  X
It made me uncomfortable – not my thing  n/a
This should be a series & I would read it  X
This should be made into a movie! I could see this as a chick flick movie
I could & would recommend this book to:
Everyone & Anyone
Friends & Family  X
Book Clubs
A pre-teen/young teen
Older teen in high school there are sex scenes in this book
I won’t recommend it