Abandoned by Nicky Charles

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Abandoned by Nicky Charles

(Taken directly from Nicky’s Facebook Status dated December 5)


Scared. Hungry. Shivering in the cold. Once loved but now abandoned amidst the garbage bins. Darkness falls and the wind rises. He presses closer to the wall, seeking warmth that does not exist.

Vague memories of happier times stir. A full belly, a soft blanket, gentle caressing hands. All gone now. People walk past and he cries out but they do not choose to hear or see his plight.

Snowflakes drift down hiding the squalor in a white blanket. Numbness creeps into his thin frame, his eyes shut, his heartbeat slows. Too weak to survive, he takes his final breath.


As you know, in lieu of payment for my books, I ask that you make a donation to an animal shelter or other charity. A few days ago, I was watching a news clip on abandoned pets and it inspired me to write this drabble. If at all possible, could you please consider making a Christmas donation of food, litter, toys or money to your local animal shelter?

Thank you, Nicky Charles

p.s. If you wish to share this drabble to inspire others to donate you may do so provided you credit me as the author.

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