Nicky Charles – Teaser to Betrayed; Giveaway; Book Stats; Donations

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Today is the last day that I will be Featuring Nicky Charles!  DON’T MISS OUT on this wonderful author and what she has to offer.

Today is also the FINAL DAY to Enter the Giveaway CLICK HERE and go to the bottom of my Author Page for Nicky to enter for a chance to name a secondary character in one of Nicky’s next books.  A winner will be chosen tomorrow (12/30/12) and will be announced on my website.

 As, you may have seen throughout this week, Nicky Charles currently gives all her books away for FREE.   All series/boook information is also available on my Author Page for Nicky, it will give you all information on the books, where to get them, as well as other features my website offers about each Author.

If you have read Nicky’s Law of the Lycans Series and follow Nicky on Facebook – you are probably aware that  – Betrayed: Days of the Rogue (Law of the Lycans 0.6) (this is a link to Goodreads description) – is going to be coming out anytime now – most likely in January!  Betrayed is a sequel to Bonded.  To check out a TEASER/EXCERPT of Betrayed – CLICK HERE!

Not sure if all of you saw my post on my Facebook Page about some of the stats for Nicky’s books, so here they are!  Personally, I find this very impressive especially for FREE books!

Barnes and Noble: Average Rating 4.5 The Mating (12012 reviews); The Keeping (6989 reviews); The Finding (6693 Reviews); Bonded (2409 reviews).

On – Average rating of all books: 4.16 19,606 ratings · 2,122 reviews

On The Mating: (4.76 from 347 reviews); The Keeping (4.87 from 196 reviews); The Finding (4.90 from 201 reviews); Bonded (4.83 from 96 reviews)



As we are nearing the end of 2012, now is the perfect time to make those charitable  tax-deductible donations.  I ask  that you consider making a donation to a local animal shelter (monetary, food, litter or toys) or other charity and tell them the Author Nicky Charles sent you too 🙂   What better payment for Nicky’s books that she gives away for FREE other than to pay it forward!

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