EXCERPT: Caterpillar (Book #1 Nine Lives Series) by M. Leighton – A Paranormal Romance with a Touch of Horror

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Author: M. Leighton

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Genre:   A Paranormal Romance with a Touch of Horror

Book #1 in the Nine Lives Series

Atlanta Realtor Cat Deen’s average life gets axed when she discovers that demons are real— and they know her name.  Though some take human form, they can’t hide their wicked souls (or the nasty things they do) from Cat.  One can even turn her insides to mush… but in a good way.  
Blue-eyed Detective S. Tegan makes Cat’s pulse race.  But she can see in his mind that he’s hiding something—and fangs are just the tip of the iceberg.  With bodies piling up all around her, Cat needs his help to break her family’s curse.  Only she can’t afford to trust just anyone, especially when she doesn’t even know his first name.



Excerpt from “Caterpillar”

Demons are real.  Surprised?  Me, too.  But it’s true.  They walk the earth, sometimes in human form, sometimes not.  I had no idea that the campfire stories I’d heard so often as a child had any basis in reality, at least not in this reality.  But I was wrong.  They live.  They kill.  They thrill and seduce, among us, around us.  Vampires, werewolves, witches, golem, lamia, things that go bump in the night for which there are no names.  They’re all out there, threatening our gates.  Their goal?  To lure us into their world, to take from us that which cannot be recovered.  They reap the unwary, the undecided, the unprepared.  They reap…us.  Few things can stop them, few people but The Guardian of the Pyramid, The Protector of the Earth, Sea and Sky, The Goddess of the Crossroads, The Daughter of the Angels.  Imagine if all those were one person.  Imagine if that person was you.
That’s the dramatic yet simple beginning my life should’ve had. Instead, I got pitched into the deep end of the pool with no warning and little preparation.  My story, unlike that clear-cut summary, is far more complicated and far less informed. It’s also far more exciting and far more dangerous.

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