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Author: Ginger Voight (Author of The Groupie Trilogy)

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“If you love him, you will do it.”
These vague words had haunted reporter Adele Lumas for nearly as long as she could remember, in fractured dreams where she was pursued by an unknown but threatening entity. She believed the disturbing phenomenon a by-product of her various mental ailments, such as schizophrenia, where hushed voices plagued her waking life as much as the monsters in her dreams tormented her.
This, compounded with the devastating events surrounding her origin, kept Adele in a lonely cocoon where she had but one purpose: she tenaciously pursued every human monster that dared rear its head in her small Massachusetts town.
Things take a turn for the worse when Adele begins to have different dreams, where she is no longer prey, but the hunter. She stalks children in a relentless pursuit of blood. As disturbing as these dreams were, nothing could have prepared Adele for the shocking discovery that the victims in her dreams were real children being systematically targeted by a mysterious serial killer who would drain their tiny bodies of blood, and then steal them from the grave.
Her sanity is ultimately questioned when she encounters the killer face to face and she realizes the killer isn’t human at all. It is a vampire… and it is getting much too close for comfort by attacking those who are close to her.
As Adele struggles to maintain her perspective in this impossible situation, a beautiful man enters her life and makes her feel anything but odd or weird. He makes her feel beautiful, desired… loved. It was the first such time in her life where she even entertained the idea of romance, mostly because there is a connection to this man she cannot explain. Even more disconcerting, it is almost impossible to resist – as though she and this stranger are tied together by an unbreakable bond.
Adele begins to piece together the puzzle, which suggests she has a connection to the vampire in ways she could have never imagined. Painful revelations force her to reckon with the ominous request of her dreams. What is she willing to do for love?
And who is she willing to sacrifice?
“My Immortal” is a paranormal romance that blends vampire lore with reincarnation, which explores the idea of soul mates and sacrifice. Written by author Ginger Voight (“Love Plus One,” “Under Texas Skies,” “Dirty Little Secrets”,) it blends her two loves of the romance and horror genres into a sensual, spooky suspense.



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Teaser from “My Immortal”

Adele answered the persistent knock on the door to find the tall and striking Thaddeus on her doorstep. As before, his intense and unusual gaze set her off center, despite the fact he was carrying a rather impressive bouquet.
“Yes?” she queried, using the door as a brace between them.
“Miss,” he bowed. “Nicholas has requested your company for the evening.” He held out the bouquet of blood red roses.
She didn’t know what to say. Never before had she been sent a human invitation. What would Miss Manners suggest as proper etiquette, she wondered. She finally opened the door a bit more, letting in the fierce wind and the strange man.
“Come on in,” she said, stepping aside.
He bowed again in thanks as he stepped into the tiny hallway. She took the flowers and headed toward the kitchen. He silently followed.
“Does Mr. Sterling always send you to retrieve his dates?” she asked, grabbing a vase from the cabinet and filling it with water.
“This is the first time,” he admitted. “You must be special.”
She chuckled. She was far from convinced of that. She arranged the flowers, doing anything and everything to not look into those eyes. “I think your employer is just an unusual case.”
“You have no idea,” Thaddeus purred. “He has dinner prepared,” he said as he turned to leave. “The limo is outside waiting.”
With that he was gone. There was never a question if she would accept the unusual invitation, it was just assumed that she would. Adele turned once again to the roses. Nicholas was persistent, she thought. With the phone messages she hadn’t answered while in the hospital, to the flowers delivered regularly to her office, sending her partner in crime Brian into hives, he had not let her forget his presence.
And though she tried her level best to do just that, she couldn’t. Had she not been so distracted by the terrifying events surrounding her beloved Dani, she’d probably have run deliriously into his arms. The thought of his hands on her body, the promise of his kiss on her lips, had her thoughts going where they had never before gone.
What was wrong with her, she wondered with a sigh. She was far too old to go gaga over some charming, good-looking stranger. But it was more than that, the other part of her insisted. There was something deeper. Falling headlong into that dark, intense gaze was the safest place she’d ever found. For Adele, that was a big deal.
She didn’t even bother to change as she grabbed her purse and ran for the door.
If anyone needed safety at that moment, it was Adele.
Her heart raced all the way back to the hotel. As she drew closer she could almost feel him. Everything seemed in slow motion and she grew more and more anxious to be with him. She wanted to scream, “Hurry!” to the driver she couldn’t see. She couldn’t wait to run up the stairs and fly into his arms, whether he would have offered them or not.
Instinctively, she knew he would. His heart called her name, and even though she knew it would be better to deny that calling, she couldn’t resist him.
The longing was so intense it took her breath away. But for once, Adele wasn’t scared. She couldn’t understand that. She’d always been so distrustful of men and of sex that she should have been shaking in her shoes. Instead she was ready to throw caution to the wind and lose herself in reckless abandon in the arms of this stranger. It was as if her entire life her heart had laid dormant just waiting for this moment.
She thought about Michael with a guilty grin. He wouldn’t recognize her. He’d never seen her fall for any guy. Not even him.
She sighed as she thought of her oldest and dearest friend. So many people thought they would get married one day and were shocked when he entered the priesthood. They’d been thick as thieves all their lives, they never dated anyone else; they seemed perfectly content to spend every waking moment with each other or at least talking to each other over the phone.
Even Brenda was surprised that they never got involved. And perhaps they would have, Adele thought, fighting back a tear, if her whole life hadn’t come apart one fortuitous night roughly ten years before.
It was then she knew that she loved him too much to burden him with her problems. No one deserved that, most especially Michael. He was the kindest, most loving person she knew. So she distanced herself and was almost relieved when he took his vows of celibacy. Her one true temptation was now safely guarded. All the teenage fantasies of her youth were now tucked away behind the very comforting collar that he wore.
She was safe.
Alone. But safe.
She wasn’t blind. She knew that Michael cared about her deeply. There had been one kiss a million years ago where she’d pulled back and run away and they never spoke of it again. For one bright shining moment she felt normal, like she could have anything that any other girl could.
But all too soon she reminded herself that she was far from normal, and Michael deserved oh so much more than what she could give him. She’d never thought she could give anything real to any man.
Until now. Until Nicholas.
As the door opened to the penthouse suite, Adele briefly considered that the events surrounding Dani that made her more susceptible to his charm. But the minute he walked in from the other room, clad in an elegant suit, his hair long and wild about his shoulders, she didn’t care what brought them together. All that mattered was they were there in the moment. Adele had quickly learned from nearly losing Dani that the present was all anyone ever has.
He approached, drinking her in his burning gaze. Her breath caught in her throat as he took her hand in his and brought it to his lips. She shivered though his skin was warm. “You look wonderful,” he murmured.
She shook her head. She was wearing jeans and an old ratty sweater. She didn’t even wear a speck of makeup. She was white as a ghost, making the circles under her eyes stand out even more. “You need glasses,” she kidded.
“Beauty isn’t in the trappings, Adele,” he said. “It’s in the eyes. And I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than what I see right now.”
She blushed and dropped her eyes. “You really know how to lay it on thick, Mr. Sterling,” she said, her voice shaking. Deep in her heart, however, she hoped he meant every word.
“I wouldn’t lie about that,” he said softly.
Her eyes met his. “And what would you lie about?”
He just laughed. “Always the reporter.” He led her toward a beautifully set table. “Come. Let’s eat.”
He pulled out her chair and let her sit. He reached around her, so close she could feel the heat from his body, and took the silver dome from her plate. “I hope you like quail,’ he said.
“I love it,” she answered. “How did you know?”
He shrugged as he sat. “Call it a lucky hunch.” He uncovered his own meal. “I used to do quite a bit of hunting when I was younger.”
The memory seemed to pain him. “For her?” she asked quietly.
His eyes shot to hers. “How did you know?”
She shrugged. “Lucky hunch.” Thaddeus approached with a bottle of champagne. “What’s the occasion?”
Thaddeus popped the cork, filled her glass while consuming her with his eyes. It was almost tiresome how on the spot he made her feel.
Nicholas didn’t bother to answer as Thaddeus filled his glass. Their eyes met – a silent duel as Nicholas sent him from the room with nothing more than a look of disapproval.
Nicholas waited until Thaddeus had gone before holding his glass up to her. “That you finally answered my messages and joined me again.”
She held up her glass, unable to tear her eyes from him as she sipped the champagne. “How could I not reward your tenacity? It’s a quality I can appreciate.”
She proved her point as she relentlessly grilled him on his background over the course of their dinner. He answered every question calmly and directly. Every time he tried to turn the table to have her talk about herself, she would give him a vague answer and then meet it with more questions.
By the end of their meal, she knew when he had started Sterling International, how he’d built it from scratch, acquiring other companies, turned himself into a self-made millionaire and his world travels.
What she still didn’t know anything about was Nicholas the man.
“What are your parents like?” she asked, swirling the last of the champagne in her glass.
“Dead,” he answered simply. There was no pain, no mourning. Just a simple statement of fact. “They died long before I enjoyed true success. A shame, but life is like that, isn’t it?”
He saddened her when he talked like that. This was clearly a man deadened by the weight of his losses. “And what about your love?” she queried softly.
“The same,” he answered. His eyes misted over as he looked at her. She could feel his sadness sweep across the table. “All we have is this moment,” he declared. There was a question there, but Adele couldn’t even remember she was supposed to turn away from it. In her heart she agreed, her life had been a series of wasted moments. Now that one was before her again, promising more than just the absolute loneliness she’d always known, she knew it was a moment worth seizing.
It was beyond her to deny it. This showed in her eyes. Like a current between them, Nicholas dropped his napkin in his plate and came to her.
No words were needed as she rose into his arms. Without stopping to think, she wound her arms around his neck and met his kiss with equal passion. He lifted her to him, the force between them raw and electrifying. As he consumed her mouth she felt fire shoot to her toes. When he pulled away she could barely stand.
“I’ve wanted to do that since I first laid eyes on you,” he muttered into her hair.
Her head tilted back. “So what took you so long?”
He groaned as he bent for another scorching kiss. His large hands pressed into her back, molding her body to his. She felt the depth of his passion. Though it should have been so foreign to her, it felt right – like the other half of her she had never been able to find. All the walls she had built were crumbling down, and she knew from that alone she should run away. Or at least tell him why she should run away. Instead she pressed closer still and aggressively kissed him back.
With almost a guttural sound he lifted her up into his arms until he could sit her on the table behind them. He fit his body between her legs, which locked like scissors themselves behind his back. Her fingers dug into his back as his mouth broke apart from hers and made a blazing trail to the soft curve of her neck.
His teeth grazed against her skin as her fingers wound themselves in his long hair. He was making all her latent fantasies a reality, and she was powerless to stop it. The more he kissed her, the more she wanted to be kissed. The more he touched her, the more she wanted to be touched.
In that moment she wanted to be filled… satisfied… loved. 
The wind blew open the French doors to the balcony with a loud clattering. Had he not been holding her so tightly she would have been startled. In his arms all she could hear was their thundering heartbeats.
His strong fingers traced her face and she was held captive in his eyes.
“Mister Sterling,” a voice broke in. He dragged his eyes away from her, but barely.
“What is it, Thaddeus? Can’t you see I’m busy?”
“I am terribly sorry, sir. There is a call.”
“Tell them to call me back,” he commanded.
“I tried that, sir. They say it is urgent.
Nicholas grew enraged as he turned to Thaddeus with a roar. “I said… tell them to call me back!”
What had burned red hot suddenly froze over with his anger, which seemed irrational in the context of the conversation. Adele gently untangled herself from his grip. “Nicholas, it’s okay.”
Instantly he was filled with remorse. “Please don’t go,” he whispered hoarsely.
“You have business. I understand.”
His face fell. “To hell with business. I don’t want you to go.”
He looked so vulnerable her heart instantly went out to him. She kissed her fingertips and placed them on his lips. “Don’t worry,” she whispered. “I won’t go far.” 

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